Developing Skills-Based Work Impact Statements

Using skills-based work statements rather than activity- or task-based statements improves the effectiveness of a resume.  The difference between these types of statements is illustrated below, along with a method for developing skills-based statements

Activity-based statement
  • Served as a testing intern
Tasks-based statements
  • Prepared specimens for testing.
  • Tested the compression strength of concrete samples.
  • Documented test results.
  • Attended group meetings.
Skills-based, impact statements
  • Developed an efficient procedure that reduced test specimen preparation time by ten percent.
  • Followed industry standard practices to test the compression strength of concrete and obtain accurate and repeatable data.
  • Analyzed test data and organized results in an easy to interpret report.
  • Participated in team meetings by contributing ideas and reporting on progress.

Method for Developing Skills-based, impact statements

  1. Identify the task that was performed: _______________________________________________
    (e.g. prepared specimens for testing)
  2. Identify the skills that were used to complete the task:__________________________________
    (e.g. planning and procedure development, organizing measuring, cutting)
  3. Identify the impact of the project: __________________________________________________
    (e.g. prep time was cut by ten percent)
  4. Develop a statement that highlights one or two of the skills you used while telling what was done and the impact it had: _______________________________________________________
    (e.g. Developed an efficient procedure that reduced test specimen preparation time by ten percent.  Or  Improved the efficiently of the specimen preparation operation by ten percent through better planning and organization.)

Develop your statement to highlight as many of your valuable skills as possible.  A skill can be highlighted more than once but it is better to highlight different skills.
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