Student FAQs

How does Engineering Career Services help students?

How do I schedule a career advising appointment (resume review, interview prep, offer evaluation, etc.)?

How do I apply for government positions?

Should I complete a co-op, which will push my graduation date back by a semester?

Should I register my internship or co-op?

Do I need to include my GPA on my resume?

How can I make my resume more effective if I have a low GPA?

How do I represent my military experience on my resume?

If I don't have work experience, what should I include on my resume?

What do I need to do to apply for grad school?

How should I approach employers at the career fair?

Where can I find maps for the career fair?

Where can I find contact information from the career fair or on-campus interviews?

How do I find employers that are interested in speaking to international students?

Where can I find information about the FE exam and obtaining a Professional Engineer's License?

Frequently Asked Questions About CyHire

CyHire is the primary online tool that ISU engineering students should use to identify job opportunities, submit resumes for consideration, and arrange interviews.  All professional employment opportunities (full-time and internships) being recruited for on the ISU campus should be in CyHire.  The system also contains information about employers and has a search agent that will regularly email job seekers with information about job postings that meet a customizable search criteria.

How do I set up an account?

What do I do if I can't log in to my CyHire account?

Why is it necessary to upload a resume and how is it done?

Who can see my information in CyHire?

Where can I find the most comprehensive list of engineering internships, co-ops, and full-time jobs?

How can I narrow my search for jobs in a specific major, location, etc. and set up a search agent?

How do I apply for a job?

On the Job Posting page for interviews, what does Screening Criteria mean?

What happens after I submit my resume to a company for an interview schedule?

How can I cancel or reschedule an interview time?

How do I apply for a job if the resume submission start and end date is the day of the career fair?

I submitted the wrong resume - can I change it?

Is an unofficial transcript fine to use when applying for a position?

Why is the Events tab important?

Where can I find more information about using CyHire?