ECS News & Events

Engineering Career Services is excited to announce that we are back in Marston Hall.

After two years of renovation, the 100-year-old building has a completely new look on the inside.  Engineering Career Services is on the third floor, along with 10 meeting rooms that will be available for employers and students to use for on-campus interviewing.  Please stop in and check out our new space.

A re-dedication ceremony is scheduled for 4PM on Thursday, September 29, 2016. For more information on the history and renovation of Marston Hall, please see

CyHire Replaces ISU CMS

After much consideration, the Iowa State University Career Services Offices have decided to use CyHire as the new name for ISU’s online career services management system. “The system had previously been called ISU CMS and this acronym did not have a strong association with jobs or career services,” said Brian Larson, Director of Engineering Career Services.

At ISU, each college has their own career services office, but  all colleges use one online career management system – CyHire. Employers are required to post all professional job opportunities (full-time and internship) on CyHire so that all job seekers have a chance to learn of employment opportunities and apply if qualified.

Usernames and passwords remain the same and there are only minor changes to the function and look of the system.  The system can be used to search for jobs and internships, research companies attending the career fairs, sign up for on-campus interviews, make appointments with Career Services advisors , and more.  All students and  alumni can use the system free of charge.

New Online Student Guide

During the summer, Engineering Career Services staff developed a new set of online materials to help guide engineering students through the employment process.  The process is broken into ten steps that start with understanding the college recruiting process and what employers look for in engineering job candidates. Many students don’t realize that the recruiting that employers conduct on campus to fill internship and entry-level engineering positions gives them a big advantage over other job seekers.  Some students don’t pay any attention to employment until their senior year, or worse yet until after they graduate.  They completely miss out on all of the career-related skill development and networking opportunities that are available to them while they are students.

The new online materials are aimed at strengthening our message that employment after graduation largely depends on participating in a multi-year process that takes place while students are at ISU.  The new materials also cover the best practices for preparing an effective resume, networking, interviewing, etc.  The new materials can be found at

Numerous Seminars and Workshops Offered to Students

Engineering Career Services is pleased to offer an extensive lineup of career development seminars each semester.  The seminars will cover resume development, cover letter writing, career fair preparation, interviewing, internships and other topics.  Please see the ECS Seminar Schedule for the complete list of topics along with date and time information.