Derrick K Rollins

  • University Professor
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering

Main Office

1033 Sweeney
Ames, IA 50011-1098
Phone: 515-294-5516
Fax: 515-294-2689

Other Office(s)

304D Snedecor
Ames, IA 50011-1090
Phone: 515-294-8192
Fax: 515-294-2689


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1990 M.S. Statistics, The Ohio State University, 1989 M.S. Chemical Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1987 B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas, 1979

Interest Areas

Our research interests are in the area of modeling of Types 1 and 2 Diabetes (TTD), bioinformatics, predictive modeling and control, and Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI), and human thermoregulation (HTR).
  • The main thrust of our TTD research is to develop a model that is able to determine behavior profiles that optimize glucose control for particular classes.
  • Second, our bioinformatics work is on microarray data mining using Principle Component Analysis (PCA).
  • Third, our work in predictive modeling and control is focus mainly on development of sandwich block-oriented-modeling (BOM) such as Wiener model and Hammerstein model. Besides, our work on CVI is mainly on developing lightweight carbon/carbon with high temperature, high strength and low wear properties. Finally, we also work on HTR research that deals with modeling of human core temperature.
Teaching Spring Semester 2018
  • Ch E 421, Process Control

Brief Biography

Honors and Awards

  • NOBCChE - Joseph N. Cannon Award in Chemical Engineering recognizing honors and achievements in the Chemical Engineering Field (2013)
  • Tau Beta Pi MacDonald Mentor Award (2012)
  • “Citizen of the Year Award”  on behalf of the Men of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity, Inc., Mu Omicron Graduate Chapter, Des Moines, Iowa (2012)
  • AIChE MAC Eminent Engineer Award (2010)
  • ISU AIChE Student Chapter, "Come on in, it's not my office hours," Award (2008)
  • ISU AIChE Student Chapter, "Favorite Faculty Member" Award (2008)
  • ISU Tau Beta Pi Eminent Engineer for Membership into the Iowa Alpha Award (2008)
  • ISU Engineering Student Council Leadership Award, for significant and lasting contributions to the success of Iowa State engineering students (2007)
  • VEISHEA Nomination as Faculty of the Year for the College of Engineering (2007)
  • ISU Louis Thompson Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award (2007)
  • ISU AIChE Student Chapter, "Come on in, it's not my office hours" Award (2007)
  • ISU AIChE Student Chapter, "Favorite Faculty Member" Award (2007)
  • ISU Engineering Student Council Leadership Award, for significant and lasting contributions to the success of Iowa State engineering students, 2006, 2007
  • ISU AIChE Student Chapter, "Come on in, it's not my office hours" award, 2006
  • American Academy for the Advancement of Science Mentoring Award, 1996
  • Iowa State University Presidential Service Award, 2000
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Presidential Faculty Fellows (PFF) Award, 1994
  • ISU Foundation Award for Early Achievement in Teaching, 1994

Selected Publications

  • Rollins, D. K., L. Beverlin, Y. Mei, K. Kotz, D. Andre, N. Vyas, G. Welk and W. E. Franke. "Development of a Model-Based Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring Device for Non-Insulin Dependent People," Journal of Bioinformatics and Diabetes, in press.
  • Teh, A., D. Layton, D. R. Hyduke, L. R. Jarboe and D. K. Rollins. "Data Mining Based on Principal Component Analysis: Application to the Nitric Oxide Response in Escherichia coli (No. JSSA-E20131006-01)," Journal of Statistical Science and Application, in press.
  • Turksoy, K., E. S. Bayrak, L. Quinn, E. Littlejohn, D. K. Rollins and A. Cinar. "Hypoglycemia Early Alarm Systems Based On Multivariable Models,” Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 52(35) (2013).
  • Bayrak, E. S., K. Turksoy, A. Cinar, L. Quinn, E. Littlejohn, and D. K. Rollins. "Hypoglycemia Early Alarm Systems Based On Recursive Autoregressive Partial Least Squares Models," Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 7(1) 206-214 (2013).
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  • Rollins, D. K., D. Zhai, N. Bhandari, A. Roggendorf, R. Dua and H. Wu. “Dynamic Predictive Modeling Under Measured and Unmeasured Continuous-Time Stochastic Input Behavior,” Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 51(15) 5469-5479 (2012).
  • Rollins, D. K., C. K. Stiehl, K. Kotz, L. C. Beverlin and L. Brasche. “A Performance Measure Based on Principal Component Analysis for Ceramic Armor Integrity,” Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation, Volume 31B, D. O. Thompson and D, Chimenti, Editors, published by American Institute of Physics, Melville, New York, 1984-1989 (2012).
  • Beverlin, Lucas P., D. K. Rollins, N. Vyas and David Andre, “An Algorithm for Optimally Fitting a Wiener Model,” Journal of Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Volume 2011 (2011), Article ID 570509, 15 pages.
  • Rollins, D. K. and A. Teh, "An extended data mining method for identifying differentially expressed assay-specific signatures in functional genomic studies," BioData Mining 2010, 3:11.
  • Rollins, D. K., N. Bhandari, J. Kleinedler, K. Kotz, A. Strohbehn, L. Boland, M. Murphy, D. Andre, N. Vyas, G.Welk and W. Franke, "Free-living inferential modeling of blood glucose level using only noninvasive inputs," Journal of Process Control 20 95-107 (2010).
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  • Rollins, D. K., D. J. Rollins and A. D. Jones. "Spatial-Temporal Semi-empirical Dynamic Modeling of "Thermal Gradient CVI Processes," Chemical Engineering Research and Design 85(A10) 1390-1396 (2007).
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