Strategic Plan

Our Strategy

We will serve the state of Iowa and our nation through achievement in:

Twenty-first century learning

We will provide students with a valuable and best-in-class education by leveraging new pedagogy, diverse perspectives, and time- and distance-shifted delivery. By understanding the engineering profession’s social context, our students will be prepared to use their education and creativity to improve lives and livelihoods. Our curriculum will reach beyond the classroom and empower students with practical learning opportunities, research activities, team design projects, and international experiences as important aspects of our educational brand.

Innovation and discovery

We will improve the human condition through research that addresses grand challenges and builds upon our core competencies in energy, health, computing, green technology, and infrastructure. We will strengthen programs in which we already hold comparative advantage—including areas as renowned as biorenewables, materials, and virtual reality—and invest in the initiative of our faculty to advance emerging programs to maturity and strength.

Student Success

We will respect our students and graduates as a treasure of ability and potential for meeting our nation’s pressing workforce needs. We will actively recruit the best and the brightest students from Iowa, border states, and beyond, and support their academic achievement and professional preparation. We are committed to developing engineering talent across the entire educational value chain, extending from pre-collegiate experiences to lifelong learning opportunities for practitioners.

Multidimensional partnerships

We will establish and maintain productive, mutually-beneficial, and outcome-focused business relationships by relentlessly connecting with partners on- and off-campus and by lowering barriers to collaboration. At the national and international levels, we will engage corporations, educational institutions, government entities, and alumni to bring value and scope to the engineering college.

Business and social responsibility

We will embrace the philosophies of shared governance and open communication among faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders. The college will strive to be known for modeling efficiency and collaboration, and for having a public-private partnership approach to its business. Our culture of inclusion and diversity will promote creative thought and quality decisions that are grounded to the best interests of our customers.

Our Tactics

These areas of execution will mark our accomplishments and progress:

  • Adapting positively and proactively to the environment of lower state appropriations by increasing non-state revenue and reducing costs.
  • Improving the quality and quantity of physical space available to the college.
  • Partnering with other colleges and service units on campus to realize operational efficiencies in online learning, information technology, marketing, and recruiting.
  • Growing the excellence, size, and diversity of the engineering faculty, who are the backbone of the college.
  • Strengthening and nurturing relationships across the country with alumni and friends to promote philanthropy and build the college’s margin of excellence.
  • Creating the Engineering Venture Fund to invest in revenue-generating and mission-oriented entrepreneurism and initiative of engineering faculty teams.
  • Building the college’s research engine through a federal agency consultancy, grants and contracts support team, and the Dean’s Research Initiative.
  • Enhancing the student experience through innovative pedagogy, new curricula, expanded experiential and international opportunities, and the Dean’s Education Initiatives.
  • Establishing and stewarding targeted agreements with corporations to promote career opportunities for our students, research for our faculty, and online instruction for working professionals.
  • Implementing lean management practices throughout the college’s administration.